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Hire A Professional Bookkeeper and / or Have Your Staff Trained in Occupational Health and Safety and Other On-The-Job Skills.

FACETS Business Solutions helps ordinary businesses become exceptional and successful. Through detailed bookkeeping, we keep financial books clean and updated and with our expertly organized Occupational Health and Safety and other customized training, your management and staff will be at the top of their game.

Outsourcing FACETS means, you are hiring people who are passionate about their jobs. We are knowledgeable about the rules of business finances; we protect your proprietary and intellectual information, conserve client and contractor confidentiality, and are able to clearly translate confusing jargon for you.

IMPORTANT NEWS: In the summer of 2015 our business relocates, on a smaller scale, to the Watson Lake, Yukon / Northern BC area.  We are establishing contracts there – both in the Yukon and Northern BC in addition to offering our services online / remote-access for other areas.  To get to know us, take advantage of our one-hour complimentary consultation. Call 1-604-353-3134 (cell), or email info@facetsbusiness.ca.