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  • Writing A Job Advertisement: Here’s A How-To!

    Writing a job advertisement can be difficult. If you don’t ask for the right abilities and characteristics, you’ll not get what you want. Give the job title a very clear and simple title. You may be looking for a great sales person, but if your title says you’re looking for a “sales superstar,” many candidates will be turned off. Why? Because this doesn’t come off as a serious position, and the candidates that will apply to this job position may have over-inflated egos (as they believe they are superstars!)

  • I Need To Hire, What Do I Write In The Job Ad?

    Have you seen job ads that make you wonder if the company has a clue in running a business? Ads that make grammar and spelling mistakes; those that expand so much they are three pages long, or ones that have only two sentences. The appropriately worded job description will mean the difference between hiring the right candidate and the dud. To separate these audiences, you need to make sure your description states exactly what the job is and pays. See below for a list of specifics to consider: