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  • People Are Good #2

    Last week we showcased the www.peopleforgood.com campaign. This week, we’re relating it to business. We started with the age-old debate, which asks if people are inherently good, and answered with a positive yes! We also highlighted the new campaign by www.peopleforgood.com, that’s taking the nation by storm, which is motivating ordinary citizens to be extraordinary heroes by performing good deeds for one another. But, what about in business, does helping someone cross the street have any bearing on doing good business? Yes, and read on to understand why.

  • People Are Good #1

    It’s an age-old debate, are people inherently good or bad? Well, here at FACETS Business Solutions we believe people are generally good, so we are extremely excited to see a new nation-wide movement toward responsible citizenship, created and driven by the website www.peopleforgood.com.