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  • Is It Worth Your While To Hire, Or Should You Outsource?

    How much does it cost your company to hire an employee? CottageCountryNow.ca writes about the true cost of employees in a small business and small municipalities. It defines the cost of hiring an employee vs. outsourcing to a professional, and their results say that in some cases, it’s just more cost effective to outsource (interestingly enough, they’re using one of our business services as an example—bookkeeping!). Although it concentrates on business owners in Muskoka, we can’t help but wonder if this is an issue for small business owners in our own City ofVancouver and the Lower Mainland.

  • Delegating, Outsourcing and Hiring

    It makes sense in business to delegate; especially if you have motivated employees who want to gain more experience and advance their careers. At FACETS Business Solutions, we’re very fond of delegating and outsourcing, too – this is how business gets done. For example, we happily take on young and inexperienced apprentices, interested in human resources, bookkeeping, or general business, and we teach them the ways of our business. Their pay is not as high as an expert’s would be; but what we’re offering them is experience, which will be the very qualifications they’ll need to put on their resumes. With pride, we train and offer great opportunity to those who are motivated and are intent on learning and improving.