Tag: Human Resources

  • HR: Creating A Good Team and Work Environment

    Let’s talk about employer-employee relationships, and how to create the best environment for good relations. Human resources (HR) is all about being proactive to prevent issues, understanding and motivating to instill confidence, and tactful to resolve issues in the workplace (that’s what we do at Facets Business Solutions). Unfortunately it’s not as easy done as it is said; there are too many different situations, and various reasons, why issues come up in the first place (the different personalities alone can cause much of the friction). So, what to do, when you’re handling the HR practices at your workplace?

  • Good HR Practices – Hiring From Within

    The Society for Human Resource Management’s (SHRM) had their 63rd Annual Conference & Exposition in Las Vegas at the end of June, and since this is exactly on-topic with what we do in our business, we were inspired to read about the conference in many news articles and blogs, including Kelly Long’s blog Thryving. From Kelly’s blog, we picked up a few pointers that were delivered by Sir Richard Branson’s speech. Here are a couple of ideas we’ve learned, and promote…