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  • What Happens When You Keep Organized Financial Records

    So, you’re a small business and you’ve been spotty with your bookkeeping records. Do you know how much you made last year, or the year before? Can you predict what income you’ll make next year? If it’s not clear, you may be on the downward path of losing your business. It’s as simple as this. […]

  • Audit Yourself Before You Get Audited

    Getting audited sucks! We know; we’ve seen businesses small and large shake in their boots when the officials come and ask them hundreds of questions about their financial records and decisions. Of course, this doesn’t have to be the case. Businesses who trust a professional and knowledgeable bookkeeper, to do the legwork and make sure their financial books are properly updated regularly, don’t have a thing to worry about.

  • What Happens to Your Finances When You Get Married?

    It’s a valid question, what happens to your finances from a tax perspective when you get married? This was asked by one of our good clients (we do her bookkeeping), who as you’ve gathered is getting married. It’s an exciting time for her, but we also understand the questions that have come up regarding consolidating financials and paying taxes after she ties the knot.

  • Financial Literacy and Retirement

    The phone rings; the man on the receiver tells you that you’ve won a trip. Do you believe him? Hopefully you don’t. Charities after charities call to request donations, who do you give to? Your son is in need of money to pay debts; can you afford to pay his debts? You like having your weekly house cleaner and yard-maintenance company take care of these chores; can you still afford these expenses?

  • Financial Literacy for Personal and Business

    The last couple posts and a couple more FACETS Business Solutions focuses on financial stability, or the lack thereof, of British Columbians. With the world experiencing and trying to recover from an economic downturn, we zero in on how individuals are dealing with their own finances.

  • Financial Literacy and Occupy Vancouver

    It’s sad news to see Occupy Vancouver set up a tent city right in the middle of downtownVancouver. We understand that they are feeling the pinch of the world’s financial state and most likely the hardship of their own financial status. Many of them are homeless; some of them are unemployed, some are young and without much experience, and some are very poor and don’t know how to help their own situation. Since we are a business and financial services company, we feel that being educated about your finances helps empower good decisions.