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  • I Had Lunch With Peter Legge, Co-Founder and CEO of Canada Wide Media!

    To follow the last blog about the Vancouver Board of Trade’s luncheon, where Sir Richard Branson gave an inspirational talk, this time I set up a personal luncheon with Peter Legge, Co-Founder and CEO of Canada Wide Media. Wow, where to start; I guess at the top—I asked for the meeting and Peter Legge agreed! Many business owners either don’t think about connecting with, or are afraid to approach, successful business people for advice and to build business relationships; so, it makes me feel proud for having tried and succeeded. It should be said though; very influential business people don’t often have the time to meet with any small business that requests a meeting. This is why the meeting I was able to set up with Peter Legg is to me a chance of a lifetime; a confirmation that my efforts are bringing about success in my business, FACETS Business Solutions.