Full-Service Bookkeeping and Bookkeeping Training

Full-Service Bookkeeping and Bookkeeping Training

We provide customized bookkeeping solutions for your business. What this means is, we tailor our services to your needs; if you need only a few hours of bookkeeping a month, that’s the package we’ll create, if you need regular data entry more often, we’ll do that for you, or if you need to learn to do your own bookkeeping, we can teach you. Tell us your needs and we’ll provide you with a package that suits you perfectly.

There are too many services in accounting for us to be able to list them all, but know that we can handle all of your requests. Here are some of the usual tasks that we handle:

Accounts Payable / Accounts Receivable: we enter the numbers that show your expenses going out and revenue / payments coming into the business.

Payroll and Inventory: we’ll keep records of the cycle of wages that goes out to your employees, and we’ll keep a record of the inventory that you purchase and sell.

Bank and credit card reconciliation: we’ll maintain accurate records to balance your business’ account numbers with your banking and credit card account’s records, and we’ll question and correct discrepancies.

T4s and Summary: we’ll prepare your employees’ T4s and the related summary of payroll deductions submitted by your company to the government.

GST/HST/PST Returns: we’ll complete this government report monthly, quarterly or annually for submission to Canada Revenue Agency.

Profit Loss Statements (P&L): we’ll prepare this report that shows your revenues earned through sales minus your expense that were paid out during the course of business resulting in a net income or loss – on a monthly, quarterly or annually basis.

Accounting Software Check-up: we’ll inspect your books (every entry against a sale or expense) to catch errors and discrepancies in data entry. We can help you avoid problems, when it comes to government audits or if you want to invest and grow your business.

Tax Returns, Tax Overpayment, and Unclaimed Credits: we’ll compile the necessary information for your personal and business tax returns. Within our limits of expertise and qualifications we will go through the government’s process to claim any unclaimed tax credits or overpayments that may be due to you.

We’ll prepare and process T1 -Personal and Unincorporated Tax Returns.  We’ll also prepare and process Annual Charity Returns for Non-Profit Organizations. For Corporations our work and expertise includes all the work that brings your books to the point of filing the actual T2 Corporate Return.  These returns would then be referred to a qualified / professional accountant for completion.

Software, Systems and Training: we work with Excel, Quick Books, Sage (formerly Simply Accounting), Online Banking, Turbo Tax, and Government Site forms. We’ll come in and show you how to set up the software or system of your choice, and we’ll offer you additional support and trouble-shooting as required.

Ask us about our complimentary one-hour consultation.

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