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  • Going Green

    Loveable Kermit the frog said, it’s not easy being green. On the contrary, we think it is—going green that is. We throw the term around nowadays; green has become an adage in marketing, and business conversations. But, we don’t think this is a bad thing because the more the adage is used, the more we […]

  • Again, We Stress, Occupational Health and Safety Is A Must!

    Wow, it’s only just over a month since we wrote about Occupational Health and Safety being a Must! Unfortunately, we now have an example of why this attention to health and safety is so important to heed. Recently the Vancouver Sun recounted the story of a tragic death onsite a Vancouver construction site. The article Two Firms May Face Fines in Worker’s Death highlights the unsafe building site incident in 2010, where a 1,260-kilogram wall crushed Dan Martens, a young carpenter and employee of HP Construction.

  • Occupational Health and Safety Is A Must!

    You own a restaurant, does your staff know what to do in case of a fire? Are you aware of the amount of hours your staff is able to work, and when they need a break? Your job site is a large construction site; is your crew aware of safety procedures when working at great heights? To be sure you are working at your best, and keeping your employees safe and healthy, align your business with the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS); meet their high standards and comply with their rules and regulations (actually, if you need someone to train your workers on all the health and safety rules and regulations that relate to their jobs, call us – this is what we do!)

  • Deskercises – Exercising for the Desk-Bound

    We love Breakfast with Nat & Drew—Virgin Radio’s morning show. The other day, when we were laughing (out loud), listening to Drew Savage, he mentioned that The American Journal of Preventative Medicine has new recommendations for office workers: Deskercises.