Category: Human Resources

  • Ingredients For a Great Company Event

    Everyone loves a good company event – they’re fun; but, most of all, they’re a great opportunity for connecting and networking with the businesses you deal with on a daily basis. Want to spread the word about your business, or give information about a new product or service? Get on the phone to a good […]

  • Keeping Employees Informed

    It’s 9:00 am on a workday; do you know how much your employees know about the business they’re representing, the company and the industry they work in? Quiz them, but not before you’ve given them a chance to learn and immerse themselves in the subjects at hand, and definitely not in a boring, circle the […]

  • Business Success and Money

    Henry Ford has been quoted saying, “a business that makes nothing but money is a poor business.” Here at FACETS Business Solutions we like to stop occasionally, and think about the meaning of inspirational business quotes. What is it about quotes that make us feel warm and fuzzy, even motivated? Let’s take Henry Ford’s quote, […]

  • Kids In Business

    Did you ever run a lemonade stand, or sell braided bracelets when you were young? Even kids can start their own little business, and start learning about how to manage their financial lives from a young age. Having a small businesses empower anyone, even young people. We read a great article on about kids who started their own business and were quite successful at it. Here are a few things they’ve done:

  • Writing A Job Advertisement: Here’s A How-To!

    Writing a job advertisement can be difficult. If you don’t ask for the right abilities and characteristics, you’ll not get what you want. Give the job title a very clear and simple title. You may be looking for a great sales person, but if your title says you’re looking for a “sales superstar,” many candidates will be turned off. Why? Because this doesn’t come off as a serious position, and the candidates that will apply to this job position may have over-inflated egos (as they believe they are superstars!)

  • Looking For A Good Career? Check Out WorkBC

    Business owners and potential employees are always looking for a good source for credible and detailed information about employment, the job market, industries and its relation to the state of our economy. We recommend – it’s the government’s site that explores every business and career option out there. It’s a very comprehensive site for businesses offering work, and for individuals looking for jobs. The site provides endless resources and is user friendly, offering extensive help, including live chat support and videos.

  • I Need To Hire, What Do I Write In The Job Ad?

    Have you seen job ads that make you wonder if the company has a clue in running a business? Ads that make grammar and spelling mistakes; those that expand so much they are three pages long, or ones that have only two sentences. The appropriately worded job description will mean the difference between hiring the right candidate and the dud. To separate these audiences, you need to make sure your description states exactly what the job is and pays. See below for a list of specifics to consider:

  • Take Advantage Of Summer, Put On A Fun Conference

    Your annual forum, symposium, conference or general meeting is coming up, and you’ve decided to keep it within city borders to save money. Well, you may be missing out on an opportunity to make your annual meeting a better, more fun, and relaxed affair; like a little business vacation. Yes, go ahead and have a training conference or seminar vacation, and your employees will love you; in fact, you’ll love you!

  • The Entrepreneurial Spirit

    So what is the entrepreneurial spirit anyway? What is that motivation some people have for their careers and others lack? We really love the article written by Marshall Goldsmith, titled Demonstrating The Entrepreneurial Spirit, which highlights many of the points regarding inclination for work, and want for success.

  • Set Up A Private Wiki For Your Company

    Imagine if you could make note of every detail of the processes, communications, and instructions that pertain to your business and make it accessible to every employee, in an online private forum. There is such a thing; it’s called Wikipedia. That’s right, according to The Globe and Mail’s article, why you should set up a company wiki it’s an immeasurably useful resource to have.