Category: Ethics

  • Going Green

    Loveable Kermit the frog said, it’s not easy being green. On the contrary, we think it is—going green that is. We throw the term around nowadays; green has become an adage in marketing, and business conversations. But, we don’t think this is a bad thing because the more the adage is used, the more we […]

  • Business Success and Money

    Henry Ford has been quoted saying, “a business that makes nothing but money is a poor business.” Here at FACETS Business Solutions we like to stop occasionally, and think about the meaning of inspirational business quotes. What is it about quotes that make us feel warm and fuzzy, even motivated? Let’s take Henry Ford’s quote, […]

  • I Had Lunch With Virgin Mogul Sir Richard Branson!

    Get On Board: A Conversation With Richard Branson was a luncheon held on May 25 at the Vancouver Board of Trade. I, Monika Kelly, was there! Yes, I’m still reeling from the experience, over two months later! There was nervous excitement all around me as I entered the Vancouver Convention Centre among hundreds of other attendees, and I felt that I was most excited of them all. I knew that it was going to be a most inspirational event, and if you know me, you know that I gravitate to everything inspirational. My BNI colleagues and I had booked a table for us to see the charismatic speaker and businessman give us his view of life and business, and he did.

  • Avoiding Financial Fraud

    The BC Securities Commission has launched a campaign to bring awareness to fraud. We like this! As ethical and cautious bookkeepers we agree that there’s just too many fraudsters out there looking to take advantage of everyday people—people, who work hard for their money, who need the money to take care of their families, who have earned the right to use their money to live comfortably.

  • My Funny Business Valentine

    Love in the office is a touchy subject (pardon the pun), but honestly it can go either way – we know of business people in the same company, who have met, fallen in love, and even married successfully, and we all know of people who’ve had messy office romances that muddled their work relationships.

  • Networking – Grow Your Business

    Networking for business comes with dos and don’ts. Proper etiquette makes the difference, when trying to successfully gain business contacts and build relationships. We really enjoyed reading Small Business BC’s article, Grow Your Business Through Networking:, and since we at FACETS Business Solutions love to network (we belong to BNI in BC we want to add a few notes of our own regarding decorum.

  • People Are Good #2

    Last week we showcased the campaign. This week, we’re relating it to business. We started with the age-old debate, which asks if people are inherently good, and answered with a positive yes! We also highlighted the new campaign by, that’s taking the nation by storm, which is motivating ordinary citizens to be extraordinary heroes by performing good deeds for one another. But, what about in business, does helping someone cross the street have any bearing on doing good business? Yes, and read on to understand why.

  • People Are Good #1

    It’s an age-old debate, are people inherently good or bad? Well, here at FACETS Business Solutions we believe people are generally good, so we are extremely excited to see a new nation-wide movement toward responsible citizenship, created and driven by the website

  • Royal Visit from Duke & Duchess of Cambridge

    It’s cool to have had the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, William and Kate, visit Canada. Next to their Royal wedding, their visit of June 30 to July 8 caught the attention of many Canadians. Canada put on quite the tour for the Royal couple, and they seemed to have enjoyed their trip immensely; as said in speech by William, “Canada has far surpassed all that we were promised. Our promise to Canada is that we shall return.”