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Expert Bookkeeping Saves You Money

If you’re a small business owner, we know you don’t have much leeway with your finances (we know, because we are one.) Funds are strictly allocated, and purchases are cautiously evaluated. But, all this is well and good until you make mistakes on your financial ledger—that’ll cost you big! Here are a few ways of making sure you don’t make regular mistakes in your bookkeeping:

Take Advantage Of Summer, Put On A Fun Conference

Your annual forum, symposium, conference or general meeting is coming up, and you’ve decided to keep it within city borders to save money. Well, you may be missing out on an opportunity to make your annual meeting a better, more fun, and relaxed affair; like a little business vacation. Yes, go ahead and have a training conference or seminar vacation, and your employees will love you; in fact, you’ll love you!

Simple and Pleasant Office Decorating

How inviting is your office? When clients enter, are they coming into an orderly and stylish place conducive to business, or a frazzled and mismatched mess? Take our advice (we organize offices) and make sure to decorate well, even if it’s on a budget. Let’s look at a few bits and pieces an office must have:

The Entrepreneurial Spirit

So what is the entrepreneurial spirit anyway? What is that motivation some people have for their careers and others lack? We really love the article written by Marshall Goldsmith, titled Demonstrating The Entrepreneurial Spirit, which highlights many of the points regarding inclination for work, and want for success.

Business Products and Services Can Be Sold Through Coupons, too!

There are dozens of coupon sites offering social product and service deals in Vancouver, such as Groupon and Living Social, but as of yet there’s none offering business product and service bargains. The consumer business and service industry has exploded, and many local businesses offering half-priced spa treatments, dining experiences, electronics, and even travel have been put on the map. Following this trend, an already established consumer coupon site GaggleUp, based out of Toronto (woo hoo, it’s Canadian!), is teaming up with The National Post to offer GaggleBiz, launching on April 2!

Set Up A Private Wiki For Your Company

Imagine if you could make note of every detail of the processes, communications, and instructions that pertain to your business and make it accessible to every employee, in an online private forum. There is such a thing; it’s called Wikipedia. That’s right, according to The Globe and Mail’s article, why you should set up a company wiki it’s an immeasurably useful resource to have.

Government Contracts: Available For Small and Medium Businesses

As small and medium business owners, we’re always looking for opportunities. Well, don’t underestimate the opportunities presented by the Government of Canada. That’s right, as the Globe and Mail states in the article, how to land a federal contract, even as a solopreneur, the Government spends roughly 20-billion on goods and services, and since 2005 they’ve been doing more business with small and medium businesses. This means more offers of contracts and requests for proposals to small and medium businesses.

Rather Funny Business Expenses, Don’t You Think?

Do you know what you can and can’t expense in your business? Well, there is a gray area here, but as is human nature we try to push the boundaries pretty far it seems. According to Robert Half’s survey, zany things such as a lost personal cell phone, a trip to the spa, and video […]

Marketing Your Business in 2012

The New Year is now well underway, and we’ve found a fantastic article to help you grow your business – it’s Ryan Caligiuri’s five marketing questions to ask to grow your business in 2012, posted in the Globe and Mail. A couple of questions in the article stood out for us, and we wanted to touch on them for you.

Supporting Local Small Businesses

When we read The Province’s article what comfort and joy local businesses bring, by Laura Jones, we couldn’t help but glow with “tidings of comfort and joy,” too. We agree one hundred per cent with Lara that small and medium-sized local businesses make the community appealing and exciting – we would even say, united. Local businesses are the heart of communities; they create a safe and cared-for social centre for locals to walk and live in (business fronts always clean and presentable, and businesspeople ever cheerful, enthusiastic and kind).