Keeping Employees Informed

It’s 9:00 am on a workday; do you know how much your employees know about the business they’re representing, the company and the industry they work in? Quiz them, but not before you’ve given them a chance to learn and immerse themselves in the subjects at hand, and definitely not in a boring, circle the right answer on a dry and wordy test sheet, manner—you’ll not win them over like this.

Materials, updates, communiqués, classes, workshops, training and the sort must be easily available to employees who are interested in their jobs (the ones who are not interested should be finding something else they are interested in doing.) Here at FACETS Business Solutions, we offer workshops and training on various subjects for numerous companies in every industry. We see the difference a workshop on customer service, safety or specific company procedures makes for employees; they become more thoughtful with their actions and it improves their motivation. As well, they’re able to relay that information so much better to clients and customers. What happens when information is easily relayed to clients and customers? Customers readily trust your company, use your products and services, and even promote you by referring or speaking about you. It goes without saying that this turns into good relations and of course increased business and revenues.

It’s a great cycle to start, but it also needs to be fed on a constant basis because we’re human and can only retain and remember so much. Information does get out-dated, and to keep current companies must keep up the education. Also, it’s no use to just learn and forget. This is where the company quiz comes in – we’re talking beer and pizza night where two teams are formed and go at it for a nice prize kind of quiz. Keep your employees happily informed and they’ll appreciate the company and the business they’re in.


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