Ingredients For a Great Company Event

Everyone loves a good company event – they’re fun; but, most of all, they’re a great opportunity for connecting and networking with the businesses you deal with on a daily basis.

Want to spread the word about your business, or give information about a new product or service? Get on the phone to a good caterer, wine supplier, and entertainer, and send out invitations to everyone in your office and other business people you deal with in a day—that’s right, we’re saying call your florist, janitorial service, even have the manager of the catering business, wine supplier and entertainment business that you’re booking for the event come to mingle. Make sure to have people RSVP, so you’re aware of the numbers. Invite lots of local businesses to connect with, but don’t expect everyone will show up—for the most part, 4 out of 10 people come.

Make it a casual event all about connecting with your community, like an open house or information session, and you’ll put everyone at ease. However, don’t forget to make it about something – it’s never a good thing to have bored business people milling about for no reason – that won’t be good use of the company’s time. The word will spread like wildfire that you’re a friendly local business that wants to connect with them, and they’ll appreciate what you have to say about your products and services.

People love food and wine, so give them good noshing and drinks (Our team at FACETS Business Solutions loves wine – we actually know of a great wine-making shop in Burnaby – – if you go, tell them we sent you!).






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