Going Green

Loveable Kermit the frog said, it’s not easy being green. On the contrary, we think it is—going green that is. We throw the term around nowadays; green has become an adage in marketing, and business conversations. But, we don’t think this is a bad thing because the more the adage is used, the more we speak about greening up the environment we live in, the more we will; also, keeping the term alive in conversation and in marketing, keeps its meaning alive, as well.

We were not so conscious about the environment eighteen plus years ago, but through the work of certain passionate people (a nod to you Dr. David Suzuki and your awesome foundation www.davidsuzuki.org) and through marketing, today the average man, woman and youngster in North America is aware that they must preform certain tasks to keep their surroundings clean and liveable. Saving nature, or at least our personal community’s ecosystem is key for healthy living for all of us.

How can we translate this to business? There are so many systems we can and should put in place to be mindful. Hire office cleaners who use environmentally safe cleaners (we recommend Burnaby business www.pristinespaces.net); install power-smart and energy savers everywhere—monitors, lights, and electronics; offer employees incentives to use public transit or bike to work; avoid purchasing bottled water for the staff fridge; install low-flow bathroom equipment; and install light-sensing lights and equipment that turn off on their own. There are many websites, including the most informative David Suzuki foundation, which you can turn to for ideas.


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