Decorating Your Office – Put Your Best Foot Forward

A great deal can be assumed from the way an office is decorated—if it’s decorated nicely, it shows care, attention, love for your work and customers, and it promotes trust and general good feelings. Poor decoration however, shows lack of care and respect for your own space and respectively toward your customers, and it builds something far from trust, distance. Decorating your office space is like dressing appropriately for business. So, put your office’s best face forward.

Have you ever walked in and then walked out of a business without using their services? We judge by appearances and we make split-second decisions on a daily basis, it’s true. We gravitate to a nice ambiance; it makes us feel safe and that we are making a good business decision by spending our hard-earned money at a place that offers it.

We may like a hole-in-the-wall restaurant just fine, and may even want to dine there, but there’s no way we’d pay top dollar for the food and service. This also goes for such businesses as second-hand clothing stores. A store that offers a mishmash of anything cheap will only attract customers who are happy to find a find and pay as little as they can for it, but another, which decorates well and creates a pleasant shopping experience will be looked upon as an expert in vintage style and can in fact charge even higher prices than a recognized clothing store at a shopping mall. Many businesses that do the former are not memorable and may easily go out of business.

An aesthetically pleasing office will most likely attract many more clients than one that is out-dated, and this applies to any business—think about it, would you choose to do business with a law, insurance, or investment office that is pleasant and polished over one that isn’t? We bet you’re saying yes, and of course, it goes without saying that quality of work trumps style. However, if we’re able to get both then that’s what we’d choose (a little aside, it’s perfectly fine, or we think even better, to hire a professional decorator like to create a best work space for you—you’re the expert in your business and they’re the expert in theirs.)

Let us know your thoughts about how you choose the businesses you choose to do business with.


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