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Going Green

Loveable Kermit the frog said, it’s not easy being green. On the contrary, we think it is—going green that is. We throw the term around nowadays; green has become an adage in marketing, and business conversations. But, we don’t think this is a bad thing because the more the adage is used, the more we […]

Ingredients For a Great Company Event

Everyone loves a good company event – they’re fun; but, most of all, they’re a great opportunity for connecting and networking with the businesses you deal with on a daily basis. Want to spread the word about your business, or give information about a new product or service? Get on the phone to a good […]

Decorating Your Office – Put Your Best Foot Forward

A great deal can be assumed from the way an office is decorated—if it’s decorated nicely, it shows care, attention, love for your work and customers, and it promotes trust and general good feelings. Poor decoration however, shows lack of care and respect for your own space and respectively toward your customers, and it builds […]

Keeping Employees Informed

It’s 9:00 am on a workday; do you know how much your employees know about the business they’re representing, the company and the industry they work in? Quiz them, but not before you’ve given them a chance to learn and immerse themselves in the subjects at hand, and definitely not in a boring, circle the […]