Missing Money

Make sure you and your family, even your relatives, are not missing any money that might belong to you. We’re not talking about mattress money – you know the small-denomination coins you dig for in the back of the old couch – no; we’re talking real money, hundreds, maybe thousands, even millions of dollars. Now, we’ve got your attention.

There is unclaimed property in BC, as stated on www.unclaimedpropertybc.ca. This website informs British Columbians that every year there are forgotten credit union accounts, unpaid wages, overpayments to collectors, and unclaimed proceeds from courts, tax offices, and estates that are overlooked.

The British Columbia Unclaimed Property Society is adamant about helping people return and pay outstanding property and money, and reclaim and acquire any outstanding moneys belonging to them. Both searches are simple, just go onto the website and on the homepage you can “search for unclaimed money,” or “submit unclaimed money.” Put in a full name and or business name, and the lost and found program guides you to find unresolved transactions.

So, think back, way back to a time when you may not have been paid for a job you did, or maybe you’ve forgotten about a savings account you opened when you were in your teens. Maybe your grandfather or grandmother is owed for taxes they overcompensated for. Who knows the scenarios you might find!





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