Facebook, From Small to Super Successful

Facebook. It’s one of today’s main social media sites; but mostly, it’s one of this decade’s most successful business stories—the story of Mark Zuckerberg and how he launches a photo directory site from his Harvard dorm room, to simply interact with other students, and suddenly he stumbles upon online relationship-building gold.

Today, however, the simple idea of connecting with friends online would not be a successful business if it hadn’t been developed, matured and managed as one. When Zuckerberg understood the full potential of his idea, he established a head office in Palo Alto, California, sought and gained investments in the company, and turned down offers from large corporations who wanted to purchase Facebook. Of course, this last step, Zuckerberg says, was to ensure that multi-million dollar conglomerates did not control openly created information, which is admirable (although, they have their share of individual privacy issues.)

Even as we use Facebook, on a daily basis, we see how it’s growing and becoming more successful. Its staggering numbers include more than 618 million daily active users, more than 10.5 billion minutes spent on the site each day worldwide (and that doesn’t include mobile use!), and more than 3.2 Billion Likes and Comments daily, and these are only the tips of the iceberg.

This is definitely a business success story; but we know many businesses out there have their own stories of achievement, and we want to hear them. Here, at FACETS Business Solutions, we get excited about little companies that can, so write to us and let us know yours—let us write a blog about your success.





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