Business Success and Money

Henry Ford has been quoted saying, “a business that makes nothing but money is a poor business.”

Here at FACETS Business Solutions we like to stop occasionally, and think about the meaning of inspirational business quotes. What is it about quotes that make us feel warm and fuzzy, even motivated? Let’s take Henry Ford’s quote, for a moment; what other than money should a business make, to make a business worthwhile?

We know a successful business and its employees need to make it to thrive, but besides money the fruitions of a good business should include camaraderie between employees—there’s nothing worse than a bad atmosphere and attitude among employees and management, and it takes little to cheer up an office—think communal lunch! Promote a balance between business and life—all work and no play truly does take a toll on the minds and souls of those who bear great responsibility in the business—a little bonus and consistent holiday time is much appreciated. Giving back to the community, perhaps through working with or funding charities, becomes a company’s pride hundred-fold; making eco-wise decisions to contribute to the health of our planet is certainly success, and how about doing business because you believe in what you do—those who passionately participate in their everyday lives are known to be the most happy with their careers.

So, we would agree that idealistically, life isn’t about money; it’s about such things as finding the love of our life, having family picnics, running for a good cause, being inspired in the kitchen, clinking glasses of wine in celebration, and walking on the beach in the warm sun, on vacation—the scenarios are endless, and unique for everyone. Now to circle back to the question regarding Henry Ford’s quote, we think it means to say, money only fits in as a piece of the puzzle.

What are your thoughts? Let us know.


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