Kids In Business

Did you ever run a lemonade stand, or sell braided bracelets when you were young? Even kids can start their own little business, and start learning about how to manage their financial lives from a young age. Having a small businesses empower anyone, even young people.

We read a great article on about kids who started their own business and were quite successful at it. Here are a few things they’ve done:

Sean Belnick started a business chair business at 14 – he created Mostly office furniture and office chair focused, he offers chairs that you can put logos and company names on, and apparently he’s created chairs for American Idol!

Adam Horowitz learned a big lesson from a gossip blog he created – people love gossip, which means you can generate a big audience when you start blogging. Although, he isn’t gossiping anymore, getting way from that nasty business, he’s now running the website Urban Stomp, which hosted music and listed the locations of parties in his local area (he lived in the Pacific Palisades in Los Angeles).

Leanne Archer was an interesting business girl, at 13! She started creating hair care products from her parent’s basement, called Leanne’s Hair. The product was originally her grandmother’s recipe, but Leanne was the genius marketer who sold it in baby-food jars to friends, neighbours, and classmates.

These kids are such inspiration to us. Imagine, we as adults feel so limited and unable to start businesses, and much of it is due to fear of failure. Here you are, the evidence that there are lots of good ideas out there, and with a little dedication you can start and run your own business, no matter your age.





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