How To Be A Better Public Speaker At Your Company Meeting

Not everyone is a good public speaker, and most of us shy away from the task. It is important however, for a seasoned professional and owner/manger to offer enlightenment and inspiration to employees, at a conference or annual general meeting. So, how can you get up to the podium bravely? Here are a few steps you can take to speak well:

1. Be prepared with a speech and presentation. Make sure that you have goals for your
    speech, and know the points you’ll be covering.
2. Know your messages, and deliver them clearly.
3. Tell a story to depict your ideas. People understand ideas visually.
4. Have a few jokes that relate to the topic you speak of, but make sure you try them on
    someone before you deliver them on an audience
5. Facts and figures, bar graphs and charts in colour, and images say even more than words.
    use them intermittently.
6. If you want audience participation, don’t make it a difficult task for people to do, as they
    may be surprised at the request of participating.
7. Make sure you don’t speak for too long; people lose interest, become bored, and
    forget your message.
8. Use scenarios that relate to the industry and your business.

To present a different perspective, you may also want experts in your industry to be keynote speakers. Look at trainers, teachers and members of associations to come in and give information. As well, there are many inspirational speakers, who cover general business as a topic. If you’d like help choosing someone, we’d be glad to offer you suggestions – just email us.





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