Product Knowledge Workshop

Take it from us; the best kind of learning is hands-on. So, when you add a new line of products in your business, or are implementing a new tool or system, a great way to offer product knowledge to your employees is to set up a workshop.

Here are some tips to help you set up an effective workshop:

  1. Show tangibles: if it’s a product that can be brought to the meeting, try to have it
    there for people to look at, touch, try out, taste, interact with, and experiment with; if it’s a product or service that can’t be brought to the workshop, offer pictures, visuals, models, and portrayals and details.
  2. Create buzz: make a big show and dance about the product or service. To get
    employees excited about the new offerings create exhibitions through posters,
    brochures,literature, music and informational video footage.
  3. Create hands-on activities around the product: in order to teach, it’s good to
    stimulate conversation and idea flow between people. Create activities where
    groups can brainstorm and practice procedures around the new offerings.
  4. Bring in a guest speaker:experts in the industry, motivational speakers, and speakers from related industry associations would be great keynote speakers, who can give insight and knowledge, and even enthuse employees about your company and the new offerings.
  5. Tell stories:how did this new project come about, why is it good, what’s the solution it provides, what customers is it geared toward? Tell the story behind this new product or service; paint a picture for the employees, allow questions and promote understanding.
  6. Request questions and feedback: employees have a lot of ideas for
    improvement or questions for clarification.





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