Looking For A Good Career? Check Out WorkBC

Business owners and potential employees are always looking for a good source for credible and detailed information about employment, the job market, industries and its relation to the state of our economy. We recommend WorkBC.com – it’s the government’s site that explores every business and career option out there. It’s a very comprehensive site for businesses offering work, and for individuals looking for jobs. The site provides endless resources and is user friendly, offering extensive help, including live chat support and videos.

Besides job-search tools, the site offers countless career profiles and their particulars, including a day in a life of the job, an employer index, programs and education, statistics, state of the economy and labour market, industry profiles, and even how to become your own boss and start a business.

Being human resource experts, we have to highlight the section where WorkBC provides good information about HR practices. The information given on this site is impressive! They offer tips and resources including web resources, books, and government programs that help new and established businesses with HR management responsibilities and skills.

They also stress that small businesses should gain good HR advice from experts and pros in the business (this means hiring a good BCCDP-designated HR specialist, who can train you or help you carry out HR management in your business).

The site gives great general information regarding human resources, and you’ll get a good understanding of practices and resources out there. For more specific information, call us. We’d be happy to answer your questions, or give you training in the areas you lack.





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