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What Happens When You Keep Organized Financial Records

So, you’re a small business and you’ve been spotty with your bookkeeping records. Do you know how much you made last year, or the year before? Can you predict what income you’ll make next year? If it’s not clear, you may be on the downward path of losing your business. It’s as simple as this. […]

Product Knowledge Workshop

Take it from us; the best kind of learning is hands-on. So, when you add a new line of products in your business, or are implementing a new tool or system, a great way to offer product knowledge to your employees is to set up a workshop.

Audit Yourself Before You Get Audited

Getting audited sucks! We know; we’ve seen businesses small and large shake in their boots when the officials come and ask
them hundreds of questions about their financial records and decisions. Of course, this doesn’t have to be the case. Businesses who trust a professional and knowledgeable bookkeeper, to do the legwork and make sure their financial books are properly updated regularly, don’t have a thing to worry about.

Looking For A Good Career? Check Out WorkBC

Business owners and potential employees are always looking for a good source for credible and detailed information about employment, the job market, industries and its relation to the state of our economy. We recommend – it’s the government’s site that explores every business and career option out there. It’s a very comprehensive site for businesses offering work, and for individuals looking for jobs. The site provides endless resources and is user friendly, offering extensive help, including live chat support and videos.