Again, We Stress, Occupational Health and Safety Is A Must!

Wow, it’s only just over a month since we wrote about Occupational Health and Safety being a Must! Unfortunately, we now have an example of why this attention to health and safety is so important to heed. Recently the Vancouver Sun recounted the story of a tragic death onsite a Vancouver construction site. The article Two Firms May Face Fines in Worker’s Death highlights the unsafe building site incident in 2010, where a 1,260-kilogram wall crushed Dan Martens, a young carpenter and employee of HP Construction.

It seems many construction perils on this site could have been prevented, if construction companies and other construction professionals, such as architects, paid more attention to the hazardous issues that would arise onsite, and had reinforced the safety needs of their employees through training, and simply sticking to the rules.

This is just one example of the many major death and injury incidents that happen on worksites all over BC and Canada. We want to stress that, as business owners for small or large companies, you must always be informed of safety procedures related to your work. It seems impossible to know what incidents might happen on a job site, but Occupation Health and Safety workshops help identify these and find solutions to prevent through action plans.

It takes an informed CCOH training professional to help you realize the issues you may encounter on your jobsite, and to help you find solutions to the hazardous situation your employees will encounter, and to train your employees. We are Occupational Health and Safety instructors. See our website for details and please call us for a complimentary one-hour consultation.


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