The Entrepreneurial Spirit

So what is the entrepreneurial spirit anyway? What is that motivation some people have for their careers and others lack? We really love the article written by Marshall Goldsmith, titled Demonstrating The Entrepreneurial Spirit, which highlights many of the points regarding inclination for work, and want for success.

Right off the bat, he makes sure to apply the term entrepreneurial inclusively, to anyone who’s motivated in their career, and not only those who start their own business. We believe it to be true, anyone in any job can have the entrepreneurial spirit; many times having this motivation leads to owning one’s business, or at least expanding on opportunities. He goes on to list the traits and behaviors that define these professionals, and a few really stand out for us.

Love what you do: if you love your work so much that it doesn’t feel like work, you’ll be easily successful. This seems logical and straightforward, but we know it’s a very difficult thing to realize for many people. Where do you start, when trying to find what you love to do? What if you’re on the wrong path already? For some people, passion for a certain calling is so strong that they can’t think of anything else to chase – lucky them! Others may have to really look at their likes and dislikes, and even do a career preparation course that can test their skills and inclinations. Spend time exploring what it is you want out of life; you’ll find it.

Be curious: watch, question, wonder about, and study in depth the sources and resources around you. When you can create opportunities out of this information, then you’re working at a higher level. It’s actively advancing and enhancing your work, rather than reactively working in it. From this curiosity, and acting on it, you become the expert, and build your niche, and even become worldly.

Pay the price: work your butt off. Nothing’s going to come to those who wait, who don’t take chances, who don’t study and learn, and aren’t motivated to improve and attain. Success through entrepreneurship involves putting in the time to become the expert, to gain the knowledge, and to advance to a stage where the work is second nature and satisfying.

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