Simple and Pleasant Office Decorating

How inviting is your office? When clients enter, are they coming into an orderly and stylish place conducive to business, or a frazzled and mismatched mess? Take our advice (we organize offices) and make sure to decorate well, even if it’s on a budget. Let’s look at a few bits and pieces an office must have:

1. Be clutter free: this isn’t decor necessarily, but if your desktop is stacked with papers and laden with too many supplies and even old dishes, you’re giving the impression that your business is messy and your work is disorganized; clients can get a bit antsy about doing business with a company that portrays chaos. Clean up your desk, organize papers in a filing cabinet, and make sure to use empty space (like in art, this is your negative space where large parts of the tables and floor are clear).

2. A picture says a thousand words: in this case a nice painting could. Set the tone of your office with a piece of art that shows beautiful scenery or has attractive colours. Make sure you match the art to the business you’re representing, and don’t choose overly outrageous or controversial art, unless you can get away with it in your industry (example: a nude painting may not be a fit for a family doctor’s office, but could work just fine on the wall of a plastic surgeon’s office). A painting that represents your personality is wonderful, because you’ll always love it, and choosing to buy art from local artists is a great way to support your community and get original pieces.

3. Green up: add plants for look and fragrance. Like art, a plant can add style and atmosphere to an office. If the space is very dark and drab, add a plant that flowers or a bouquet of flowers for colour (lilies are great for look, colour, and fragrance), or coordinate your office colours with green grass, vines, and trimmed leaves (perfectly pruned bonsais are very attractive and calming). Caution, don’t forget to take good care of your plants, by keeping them in sunlight and giving them water regularly – there’s nothing worse than dead and dry plants to turn off a visitor to your office.

Do you have any suggestions for improving the look of an office through decorating? We’re all ears!





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