Occupational Health and Safety Is A Must!

You own a restaurant, does your staff know what to do in case of a fire? Are you aware of the amount of hours your staff is able to work, and when they need a break? Your job site is a large construction site; is your crew aware of safety procedures when working at great heights? To be sure you are working at your best, and keeping your employees safe and healthy, align your business with the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS); meet their high standards and comply with their rules and regulations (actually, if you need someone to train your workers on all the health and safety rules and regulations that relate to their jobs, call us – this is what we do!)

Every business has different needs for health and safety. Many times, offices are places where mental health is mostly the concern and in physical work environments, the safety of the body is a concern (although in every work environment both mental and physical health should be an employer’s concern). To give you a few examples, here are a few tips, varying from mental to physical health:

When lifting heavy items, make sure you have proper footwear and gloves. Do a couple of stretches before you go in for the lift, and make sure you have an idea of how heavy the load is before you pick it up (this is in case you can’t handle it and drop it on yourself!) Lift using your legs, and core stomach muscles.

When working in an office and sitting in front of the computer for the bulk of the work day, you need to make sure you get some exercise to keep fit and healthy. Walk or bike to work, and take the stairs. Try to quit any bad habits such as smoking. Eat a well-balanced and healthy diet, full of fruits and vegetables.

Bullying doesn’t only happen to children and youth. Adults are just as guilty. Make sure you are assertive, but not aggressive when you are faced with bullying. Bullying can consist of any unjust faultfinding, unwarranted punishment, belittlement, yelling or profanity, intentional isolation, and offensive jokes. The list of bad behaviours goes on, but to notice them, you must be aware of your rights and recognize the signs of abuse.

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