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Simple and Pleasant Office Decorating

How inviting is your office? When clients enter, are they coming into an orderly and stylish place conducive to business, or a frazzled and mismatched mess? Take our advice (we organize offices) and make sure to decorate well, even if it’s on a budget. Let’s look at a few bits and pieces an office must have:

Occupational Health and Safety Is A Must!

You own a restaurant, does your staff know what to do in case of a fire? Are you aware of the amount of hours your staff is able to work, and when they need a break? Your job site is a large construction site; is your crew aware of safety procedures when working at great heights? To be sure you are working at your best, and keeping your employees safe and healthy, align your business with the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS); meet their high standards and comply with their rules and regulations (actually, if you need someone to train your workers on all the health and safety rules and regulations that relate to their jobs, call us – this is what we do!)

Credit Cards, Good Or Bad?

It’s a given, we must be careful with credit card spending as individuals; however, this is also true for businesses. When you put a large order of equipment or merchandize for your business on a credit card (essentially borrowed money, which will gain a high percentage of interest if it’s not paid off on time), you better be able to cover the cost financially, or you will slip into debt easily. There are many advantages and disadvantages to having a credit card as a small business, and since at FACETS Business Solutions we’re sticklers for keeping our clients’ finances in line (and as bookkeepers, we’re constantly dealing with business credit card records), we’ll tell you a few of the main ones.

The Entrepreneurial Spirit

So what is the entrepreneurial spirit anyway? What is that motivation some people have for their careers and others lack? We really love the article written by Marshall Goldsmith, titled Demonstrating The Entrepreneurial Spirit, which highlights many of the points regarding inclination for work, and want for success.