Business Products and Services Can Be Sold Through Coupons, too!

There are dozens of coupon sites offering social product and service deals in Vancouver, such as Groupon and Living Social, but as of yet there’s none offering business product and service bargains. The consumer business and service industry has exploded, and many local businesses offering half-priced spa treatments, dining experiences, electronics, and even travel have been put on the map. Following this trend, an already established consumer coupon site GaggleUp, based out of Toronto (woo hoo, it’s Canadian!), is teaming up with The National Post to offer GaggleBiz, launching on April 2!

The daily business-deals site is going to feature you–small and medium businesses–who want to be recognized as a business competitor, and assuredly sell hundreds of coupons offering your products and services (yes, you do need to slash prices, but the recognition of your brand and company is sometimes worth it). Who can do this? Well, we imagine the site will be full of printers, logo-product creators and distributors, graphic designers, copywriters (by the way, we know of a fantastic copywriter who’ll make life easy and your communications a breeze:, IT services, and office-supplies suppliers.

A real positive aspect is, for those businesses who have very small advertising budgets, they can generate new business and sell their products and services (show off their great customer service to those who buy) and get their brand out there on a dime (well, okay, it’s not really on a dime because the cost of advertising on coupon sites is a large per cent of the sale of the coupons, but it’s still much cheaper than a radio or TV ad, and it may be more effective than a flyer mail campaign to businesses – when purchasers buy and get to know your brand online, they’re choosing to buy into the marketing, rather than being marketed to.)

What are your thoughts? Have you ever put on a coupon deal that’s gone right or wrong? Let us know.





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