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Is Your Financial Book Loan Worthy?

You’re excited about a new venture opportunity that’s presented itself for your small business; it’s going to be a great new product; it’ll double your company’s worth; it’ll put you on the map in your industry. However, it’s going to need some money thrown at it, which means you’ll need to get a loan, which also means you’ll have to show your financial records to the banking institutions! (Insert sound of a scream or halted record on a turntable here)

Avoiding Financial Fraud

The BC Securities Commission has launched a campaign to bring awareness to fraud. We like this! As ethical and cautious bookkeepers we agree that there’s just too many fraudsters out there looking to take advantage of everyday people—people, who work hard for their money, who need the money to take care of their families, who have earned the right to use their money to live comfortably.

Are Medical Expenses Claimable? Yes!

It’s tax time again, and we’re here to remind you of a few things people forget to claim back. Did you know that there are some medical tax deductions that you are entitled to? Well, the VancouverSun writes of the 10 medical tax deductions that can save you money.

Business Products and Services Can Be Sold Through Coupons, too!

There are dozens of coupon sites offering social product and service deals in Vancouver, such as Groupon and Living Social, but as of yet there’s none offering business product and service bargains. The consumer business and service industry has exploded, and many local businesses offering half-priced spa treatments, dining experiences, electronics, and even travel have been put on the map. Following this trend, an already established consumer coupon site GaggleUp, based out of Toronto (woo hoo, it’s Canadian!), is teaming up with The National Post to offer GaggleBiz, launching on April 2!