Set Up A Private Wiki For Your Company

Imagine if you could make note of every detail of the processes, communications, and instructions that pertain to your business and make it accessible to every employee, in an online private forum. There is such a thing; it’s called Wikipedia. That’s right, according to The Globe and Mail’s article, why you should set up a company wiki it’s an immeasurably useful resource to have.

Many of our longest working employees have a great wealth of knowledge stored in their heads, and when they leave so does the information. Add to this the many “wheels recreated” by newer employees who are yet unfamiliar with your company’s approach to business, and unaware that there are systems already in place. How about the improvements that the organization and its methods go through, as years go by, that are not recorded and shared with other employees. You can keep track of all of these with a wiki trail.

The reason a wiki is such a good resource to have, is because it’s a collaborative platform. Any employee can access, add and update the information. The intelligence can be stored centrally, and privately on a company’s server, and you’re able to categorize your company information according to your directed business goals.

That’s right, the information, when recorded, shared, and updated, will not be archaic and stagnant anymore; it can be used to inform employees, unite their efforts, and direct and support new business goals and objectives. When any employee in a company can search the company wiki-database by keywords to answer questions, understand and apply best methods, or add and update information, they are more involved with understanding and realising the company’s objectives.

Information at the employee’s fingers, and questions answered immediately – what a concept!



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