HR: Creating A Good Team and Work Environment

Let’s talk about employer-employee relationships, and how to create the best environment for good relations. Human resources (HR) is all about being proactive to prevent issues, understanding and motivating to instill confidence, and tactful to resolve issues in the workplace (that’s what we do at Facets Business Solutions). Unfortunately it’s not as easy done as it is said; there are too many different situations, and various reasons, why issues come up in the first place (the different personalities alone can cause much of the friction). So, what to do, when you’re handling the HR practices at your workplace? Well, take a few lessons from our expert team:

1. Employee selection: as an employer, you must make sure you’re hiring the people with the skills and abilities that are right for their positions; once you’ve chosen the talented people you want to hire, then you need to be selective with their personalities as well, to make sure they’re a fit with the team and company culture you want to create. Also, remember, sometimes it’s best to hire the employee with the right attitude who has most of the skills and experience you’re looking for, rather than the one with all the skills and a chip on his/her shoulder.

2. Training employees: you can’t just assume that, since the employee you’ve hired had listed all the expected skills and experience on his/her resume, they don’t need to become better trained and better informed about your company practices. In fact, it’s best to instruct employees to handle tasks according to your company’s perspective. This is a great opportunity to teach employees your company values, directions and your management style.

3. Managing employees: managing well is best done through the show-by-example concept. You have to show your conviction for the company and its values, and practice this in your work; if you don’t, neither will the other employees. Be respectful and professional, be present (out of sight really is out of mind), and be a mentor and create an open communication policy. Address issues early and make sure to curtail any budding issues; don’t wait until a small problem grows to become an out-of-hand one.

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