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Is It Worth Your While To Hire, Or Should You Outsource?

How much does it cost your company to hire an employee? writes about the true cost of employees in a small business and small municipalities. It defines the cost of hiring an employee vs. outsourcing to a professional, and their results say that in some cases, it’s just more cost effective to outsource (interestingly enough, they’re using one of our business services as an example—bookkeeping!). Although it concentrates on business owners in Muskoka, we can’t help but wonder if this is an issue for small business owners in our own City ofVancouver and the Lower Mainland.

Rather Funny Business Expenses, Don’t You Think?

Do you know what you can and can’t expense in your business? Well, there is a gray area here, but as is human nature we try to push the boundaries pretty far it seems. According to Robert Half’s survey, zany things such as a lost personal cell phone, a trip to the spa, and video […]

My Funny Business Valentine

Love in the office is a touchy subject (pardon the pun), but honestly it can go either way – we know of business people in the same company, who have met, fallen in love, and even married successfully, and we all know of people who’ve had messy office romances that muddled their work relationships.

Business Phone Etiquette

Who’s answering your company’s phone? Do they speak in a professional and inviting manner? Are they knowledgeable and informative? Can they answer questions, and do they know what to do when they can’t answer a question?

Practicing good phone manners should be intuitive and logical, but as HR specialists we’re here to say that this is not always the case. So much business is at stake in a simple phone call that employers should take the time to train employees on phone call etiquette.