Supporting Local Small Businesses

When we read The Province’s article what comfort and joy local businesses bring, by Laura Jones, we couldn’t help but glow with “tidings of comfort and joy,” too. We agree one hundred per cent with Laura that small and medium-sized local businesses make the community appealing and exciting – we would even say, united. Local businesses are the heart of communities; they create a safe and cared-for social centre for locals to walk and live in (business fronts always clean and presentable, and businesspeople ever cheerful, enthusiastic and kind).

Being a small office administration, business training, and bookkeeping business, in the lower mainland and Vancouver, even though we don’t have a storefront (we would say, our storefront is online at, we are an essential part of the small local business community – our little company is staffed by family and employees who feel like family; we serve the needs of businesses with pleasant storefronts such as hair dressers, gift shops and restaurants (and those too, who only need an online storefront), and we survive by being referred by small and medium-sized businesses. We’re always building relationships with local businesses, and proudly use and refer their services.

We’re glad to hear that the public respects small businesses, so much that the Angus Reid Poll shows a 94 per cent admiration of small-business owners, while an equal number believe small businesses are vital to communities. So, it seems, people haven’t lost faith in these significant pieces of our community, which reinforce our now weakened economy. If we keep thinking like Laura does in this article, and continue using local bakeries, hairdressers, cleaners, clothing shops, restaurants and coffee shops, we’ll strengthen our economy in no time.

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