Marketing Your Business in 2012

The New Year is now well underway, and we’ve found a fantastic article to help you grow your business – it’s Ryan Caligiuri’s five marketing questions to ask to grow your business in 2012, posted in the Globe and Mail. A couple of questions in the article stood out for us, and we wanted to touch on them for you.

We’re immersed in a world of social media including Twitter, Facebook, and Klout, to name the few that the article names. The question always comes up: has the time investment to post and build relationships with other social media-ers been worth your while? The fact that social media is free to use, and has the potential to spread your message to thousands, even millions of people is worth looking at. Our point of view regarding this question is, if done right, social media can be a positive for your business and brand recognition. A few factors make this time investment worth it: you must have interesting things to say to your followers; you must also target the followers of your business with information that would appeal to them, and as you build a steady list of followers you must interact with them – this is how you can increase your profile.

The question that asks how focused were your marketing efforts, hits home with us. At Facets Business Solutions, we’re a small business that really focuses our marketing efforts, so much that we mainly market through word of mouth and at business networking meetings and events. Big e-blast or direct-mail flyer campaigns may work for the local pizza joint, but in our experience business owners who want to outsource their bookkeeping, staff training, and human resources efforts need more information than an informal email or mail advertisement. As the article mentions “avoid generic pieces that apply to many. Talk to individuals, not mailing lists.” When we talk to people face to face at a networking event, it’s true that we’re not gaining the attention of many at one time but we’re getting the attention of one or two that would use our services.

Read the rest of the article, and see how it could apply to you and your business. Also, if you do want to chat with us about how we network, feel free to email us





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