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What Happens to Your Finances When You Get Married?

It’s a valid question, what happens to your finances from a tax perspective when you get married? This was asked by one of our good clients (we do her bookkeeping), who as you’ve gathered is getting married. It’s an exciting time for her, but we also understand the questions that have come up regarding consolidating financials and paying taxes after she ties the knot.

Delegating, Outsourcing and Hiring

It makes sense in business to delegate; especially if you have motivated employees who want to gain more experience and advance their careers. At FACETS Business Solutions, we’re very fond of delegating and outsourcing, too – this is how business gets done. For example, we happily take on young and inexperienced apprentices, interested in human resources, bookkeeping, or general business, and we teach them the ways of our business. Their pay is not as high as an expert’s would be; but what we’re offering them is experience, which will be the very qualifications they’ll need to put on their resumes. With pride, we train and offer great opportunity to those who are motivated and are intent on learning and improving.

Marketing Your Business in 2012

The New Year is now well underway, and we’ve found a fantastic article to help you grow your business – it’s Ryan Caligiuri’s five marketing questions to ask to grow your business in 2012, posted in the Globe and Mail. A couple of questions in the article stood out for us, and we wanted to touch on them for you.

Supporting Local Small Businesses

When we read The Province’s article what comfort and joy local businesses bring, by Laura Jones, we couldn’t help but glow with “tidings of comfort and joy,” too. We agree one hundred per cent with Lara that small and medium-sized local businesses make the community appealing and exciting – we would even say, united. Local businesses are the heart of communities; they create a safe and cared-for social centre for locals to walk and live in (business fronts always clean and presentable, and businesspeople ever cheerful, enthusiastic and kind).

Business New Years Resolutions

Happy New Year! Do you have a resolution for your business? Maybe you’d like to strive to be a greener company, build better relationships with customers, give better customer service, use sustainable ingredients, or jus spread love and laughter every time you meet a stranger. We’re with you! Here at Facets Business Solutions, we start every New Year with an inspirational quote, and we try to always apply it in our everyday work and personal lives, too.