Online Stores – Get Your Piece of the Pie!

E-stores are popping up all over the place. You can purchase anything online, from shoes and clothes, to electronics, and even foodstuffs! FACETS Business Solutions has a great idea for those local small and medium businesses who have stores and already sell products; get yourself an online store, as a webpage on your website.

Don’t leave it all up to the big online stores such as, or to get all the customers and make all the online sales; get yourself a piece of the pie, too (online-sales pie, that is). Local businesses, with the help of a web designer, can add a section on your website where customers can purchase your products online. All you need, we imagine, is a section detailing the products you sell, the prices, a shopping cart, which shoppers can add products to, and a secure credit card checkout (we know a great web designer that can do this for you – if you’d like a recommendation, ask us). Actually, many big retailers like Sears, SonyCanada, and Ikea take advantage of having physical and online stores, so why not you?

Here’s something interesting, CBC did a story in September 2010, where they concluded that the online shopping industry, at that time, topped 15 billion dollars; this was up from 12.8 billion in 2007. It seems that Canadians love to place orders online, and one of the most common services to purchase online is booking travel and accommodations. You can read the story here:

With numbers like the ones CBC reports, we can definitely assume this practice is even hotter today. It’s definitely a trend worth following, or leading, as we like to look at it—because, if you own an online store to sell your products, you’d be an online-shopping industry leader. We wish you success with this; let us know how it goes!





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