People Are Good #2

Last week we showcased the campaign. This week, we’re relating it to business.

We started with the age-old debate, which asks if people are inherently good, and answered with a positive yes! We also highlighted the new campaign by, that’s taking the nation by storm, which is motivating ordinary citizens to be extraordinary heroes by performing good deeds for one another. But, what about in business, does helping someone cross the street have any bearing on doing good business? Yes, and read on to understand why.

Since FACETS Business Solutions is a business (and we promote upright business practices), we must tie this fantastic campaign pushing for good actions to business. As a business, can you visit the sick or elderly? Sure, you can (set up a volunteer day for your employees to help out local charities). You could even fundraise or offer charity donations for the hospital or elderly shelters in your community (for example BC Housing, – you or a family member might need their help someday).

On the website, they’ve asked five Canadians to do a good deed every day for a week. Some of the good deeds documented by webcam, seen here, include saying good morning to the people on the bus as you ride. As a promoter of your business, can you imagine the good reputation you’d get if you said hello to strangers on the bus? Well, from a business standpoint, you would be greeting potential clients, and growing your network of contacts; but also, you’d be building a generous name for your business and a receptive and open community.

Another simple good deed documented on the site is from an employee who brought doughnuts for everyone in the office. Bringing goodies in for your employees is one sweet offering – this goes without saying. What’s more, it creates positive feedback, creates an alliance to the work and company, and builds team synergy.

So a challenge from our office to yours, can you and your business do one good deed per day for the people in your community?





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