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People Are Good #1

It’s an age-old debate, are people inherently good or bad? Well, here at FACETS Business Solutions we believe people are generally good, so we are extremely excited to see a new nation-wide movement toward responsible citizenship, created and driven by the website

Deskercises – Exercising for the Desk-Bound

We love Breakfast with Nat & Drew—Virgin Radio’s morning show. The other day, when we were laughing (out loud), listening to Drew Savage, he mentioned that The American Journal of Preventative Medicine has new recommendations for office workers: Deskercises.

Good HR Practices – Hiring From Within

The Society for Human Resource Management’s (SHRM) had their 63rd Annual Conference & Exposition in Las Vegas at the end of June, and since this is exactly on-topic with what we do in our business, we were inspired to read about the conference in many news articles and blogs, including Kelly Long’s blog Thryving. From Kelly’s blog, we picked up a few pointers that were delivered by Sir Richard Branson’s speech. Here are a couple of ideas we’ve learned, and promote…