Royal Visit from Duke & Duchess of Cambridge

It’s cool to have had the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, William and Kate, visit Canada. Next to their Royal wedding, their visit of June 30 to July 8 caught the attention of many Canadians. Canada put on quite the tour for the Royal couple, and they seemed to have enjoyed their trip immensely; as said in speech by William, “Canada has far surpassed all that we were promised. Our promise to Canada is that we shall return.” 

We rarely think about our connection to the Royal family in England, but in fact, Canada is part of the Commonwealth of Nations. What does this mean? Although the Queen and the Royal Family are a ceremonial symbol, they are the symbol of a group of nations that share common values and goals such as democracy, human rights, fair governance, laws, individual liberties, egalitarianism, free trade agreements, multilateralism, and working toward world peace. 

Culture vultures can follow the Canadian trip itinerary set for William and Kate on the government site We were reading up on the activities, and they included watching a citizenship ceremony in our Capital on Canada Day, tree planting in Quebec, visiting Slave Lake to see the wildfire-devastated town, and donning cowboy hats at the Calgary Stampede. The best part for us is watching the video clips, such as this one showing Canada Day reception on Parliament Hill!





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